Mini forklift AGV middle lift

The Mini forklift AGV middle lift is used to transfer a material on pallets, for example from machines to the packaging line conveyor. It doesn´t require any additional processes and support in loading pallets from the floor onto the next conveyor operation. Using SLAM navigation doesn´t require additional magnetic tape for localization, so operation is much more convenient without additional costs (the renewal of magnetic tape).

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Navigation mode

Rated Load

1000 kg

Total Lenght/Width/Height

1460 x 735 x 460 mm

AGV type

Mini forklift midlle lift

Lift distance

120 mm

Travel speed Full/Empty

Full 0,6 m/s, Empty 0,7 m/s

Vehicle system

Differential control



Positioning Accuracy

+/- 10 mm

Smer jazdy

forward and backward, turn left and right

Min. Turning Radius

980 mm

Min. Working zone

2000 mm


48V 50AH

Charging Mode


Security features

Sick obstacle sensor + mechanical sensor in the bumper