Pallet stacker AGV

The Pallet stacker AGV is used for automated storage of finished production on pallets on racks up to a height of 130 cm. It can solve the given request completely. By using a control system with a dispatching system, you no longer have to worry about Task Assignment and Priority Management. he system is fully autonomous. Using SLAM navigation doesn´t require additional magnetic tape for localization, so operation is much more convenient without additional costs (the renewal of magnetic tape).

Navigation mode

Rated Load

1000 kg

Total Lenght/Width/Height

1460 x 735 x 460 mm

AGV type

Mini forklift high lift

Lift distance

239 mm

Travel speed Full/Empty

Full 0,6 m/s, Empty 0,7 m/s



Positioning Accuracy

+/- 10 mm

Smer jazdy

forward and backward, turn left and right

Min. Turning Radius

980 mm

Min. Working zone

2000 mm

Vehicle system

Differential control


48V 50AH

Charging Mode


Security features

Sick obstacle sensor + mechanical sensor in the bumper