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Are you thinking about a new project? You have an idea about the new automated logistics processes, you know what you plan to transport (cargo dimensions, cargo weight, …), from where, where, in what frequencies, etc. and you find yourself in a situation where you need to know at least the indicative price or the budget of the solution you are considering. Based on the price, you can decide whether or not to start such a project. If you provide us with the basic information of your project, we will show you how budget quotation process.

I am interested in the AMR PILOT PROJECT

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You want to find out how it will work AMR robot in your operating conditions? To test its limits or limitations and confirm its advantages? How will your operators react to the situation?We offer you the possibility of implementing an AMR pilot project. Thanks to the AMR pilot project, you will receive answers to the above-mentioned questions and gain experience for easier designing of your automated projects. Send us a non-binding inquiry and learn all the details of the AMR pilot project.