Even “small” AMR robots achieve remarkable results

In the modern industrial environment, efficiency and innovation are key success factors. Innovative technologies are proving their ability to fundamentally influence logistics and related operations. Remarkable results in the field of implemented autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are also achieved by “young” innovative companies. Despite its relatively short presence on the market, the company iGrow Network, s.r.o. results that are worth noting.

Pallet after pallet with AMR robots

During the relatively short period of AMR operation, the robots have carried out more than 220,000 pallet transports. This number confirms the performance and reliability of the implemented AMR robots. Each transported pallet represents not only physical movement, but also a commitment to bring constant innovation and improvement to logistics processes. These results were achieved thanks to the trust of our clients and partners. WE THANK YOU!

Save steps and minimize the waste of your operators

However, the performance of AMR robots is much more than just numerous tasks. These technological assistants drove more than 65,000 kilometers in a short time. As a result, workers can devote the gained time to other important tasks and activities. Without having to manually move goods and inventory, they can better focus their skills and efforts on increasing productivity and adding value throughout the entire work process.

Every position counts

Another result that should be mentioned is more than 1,400 pallet positions served. The pallet position represents the loading or unloading place (thanks to SLAM navigation is possible to automatically transport pallets between any pallet positions in the system). This tangible evidence testifies to the ability to effectively manage the flow of materials and optimize spaces. These achievements exemplify that company size (supplier size) is not necessarily important for achieving exceptional results.

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