Picking goods efficiently with an AMR robot (Goods-To-Person picking strategy)

Nowadays, when logistics processes have gained unprecedented development and speed, it becomes necessary to look for innovative ways to effectively manage the flow of goods in warehouses and distribution centers. One of the technologies that is transforming the way goods are handled and moved is the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) in implementing the “Goods-to-Person” concept.

The “Goods-to-Person” concept focuses on minimizing the movement of operators and maximizing efficiency when picking goods. As part of this process, the AMR robot transports pallets of goods to the operator at his workplace.

How does the whole process with the AMR robot work?

The process begins with the operator asking the system for a certain type of goods that it needs for processing. Instead of the operator moving around the warehouse looking for individual items, the AMR robot itself moves to the required pallet position and autonomously moves the required goods to the operator.

When the AMR robot arrives at the operator, he performs the necessary steps for processing the goods, such as checking quality, loading, or other operations. This concentration of the worker on the production process instead of manually searching for goods contributes to a significant increase in productivity and minimization of errors.

After finishing the operation (loading the required goods on the pallet), the operator systematically ends the process (e.g. by scanning).. Subsequently, the AMR robot transports the pallet with the finished goods to the defined place (expedition zone, defined place in the warehouse). This step is again performed automatically, which saves the operator’s time and ensures accurate storage of the goods in the warehouse.

Fast and safe picking with the AMR robot

This integrated system of autonomous robots greatly simplifies and speeds up the entire process of picking goods. Operators are freed from the monotonous tasks of searching, carrying and moving goods, allowing them to focus on more demanding aspects of the job.

In addition, this approach brings other benefits, such as increased security, better traceability of the flow of goods and the possibility of a faster response to changes in demand. AMR robots are able to optimize their routes, avoid obstacles and work continuously, which contributes to reducing processing time and costs.

All in all, the implementation of AMR robots within the “Goods-to-Person” concept means a breakthrough transformation of logistics processes. Do you want to know how this concept would work directly in your warehouse with the help of an AMR robot? In that case, you can contact us for more information:


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