Special AMR pilot project under favorable conditions

Testing new technology is an important step in the innovation process. It is not possible to rely only on theoretical models and simulations, but it is necessary to verify the functioning of the technology in one’s own operation. In this article, you will learn about testing an autonomous mobile robot, about the advantages it brings, as well as about possible operational problems.

Problems of the AMR pilot project

Pilot projects enable stakeholders to be involved, feedback to be obtained and data to be collected for further decision-making. However, pilot projects are not without problems, limitations and shortcomings. Some of the most common challenges faced by pilot projects are:

Insufficient scope of the pilot project

Testing new technology in full scale, in full deployment is impossible in most cases. Usually, the pilot project is implemented on a limited scale and does not allow sufficient verification and testing, confirming that the new technology will fulfill expectations and bring defined goals.

Lack of resources, support and capacity

Pilot projects require sufficient funding, human resources, technical support and organizational capacity for their implementation. If these resources are not available or insufficient, this may affect the quality, duration and impact of the pilot projects.

Lack of communication, cooperation and involvement

Pilot projects should be transparent, inclusive and participatory. They should communicate their goals, procedures and results to all stakeholders. Otherwise, the pilot project may be boycotted, not supported or even disparaged. In the end, it will not be possible to evaluate it and make another decision.

Unclear parameters and inaccurate outputs

Even before the pilot project, it is necessary to remember its evaluation – what information and data you will need to assess the success of the pilot project, based on which you will make a decision on the next course of action (implement / not implement innovative technology).

These problems, limitations and shortcomings are neither inevitable nor irreversible. With adequate preparation, planning, resources, management and evaluation, they can be prevented or their negative impact minimized.

What makes the special AMR pilot project unique

Multiple AMR robots on one project

Usually, pilot projects are implemented with one AMR robot. However, usually for real deployment, a larger number of robots are used, which can interact with each other and cooperate with each other. Using 2 AMR robots, the pilot project will be closer to full deployment and real operation.

Greater number of pallet positions

As part of defining logistics routes, loading and unloading locations are also determined (together they can be called pallet positions). The number of these positions in a standard pilot project is usually less than 10. When testing the AMR robot in warehouses, this number is too small, too far from real operation. As part of a special pilot project, more than 50 pallet positions were defined.

Testing different logistics strategies

Usually, when looking for solutions to operational problems, there are several options to solve the situation. Thanks to two AMR robots, two different logistics strategies could be implemented simultaneously within one AMR pilot project. This approach made the differences, advantages or disadvantages of individual strategies. And it was possible to compare the achieved results, which supported the decision-making process, choosing the most suitable strategy for the given operating conditions.

Interactive evaluation dashboard

The AMR pilot project should provide the necessary data for subsequent decision-making. For example data on the number of completed tasks or the number of canceled tasks, data on the use of robots, data achieved within individual work shifts, the best results achieved, etc. Data are usually compared from several points of view, or in different time periods.

What was the response of the special AMR pilot project

And what feedback do those who have already tried it have on the pilot project?

Installation speed

We greatly appreciate the speed of installation, and the possibility of testing different logistics strategies and then assigning them to specific robots or even using both for one type of task.

Adjustment of logistics routes during testing

We were pleasantly surprised by the possibility to customize the map of the logistics routes of the robots and also the possibility to add new positions that were served by the robots. And that on your own after training and only with remote support.

Fast training and remote support

We were satisfied with the remote support provided, which enabled us to receive expert advice throughout the duration of the project. Thanks to this approach, a pilot project could be implemented for example also in Vilnius, Lithuania (distance more than 1000 km).

Support in choosing a more advantageous solution

Thanks to obtaining the performance parameters of various strategies, the process of deciding on the next step in introducing new innovations was significantly easier. Decision-making was based on real data and own operational experience.

If you are interested in more information about the special AMR pilot project, or if you are interested in moving logistics processes to a new level, do not hesitate to contact us by email (info@innovation.sk), by phone (+421 903 707 573), or via the contact form Contact Kontakt – Automation Innovation.

If you are interested in the AMR pilot project and would like to book an appointment, we offer you a simple option through our online inquiry form (Online inquiry – Automation Innovation).

The reservation of the date is of course non-binding, so you can do it even before the official approval of the AMR pilot project. And if for some reason the project doesn’t happen in the end, you don’t have to worry. We will free up the date for other interested parties. However, booking a date will ensure that the AMR pilot project will be implemented at a time that suits you best.


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