Presentation at the Warsaw Pack fair

In April of this year, the Warsaw Pack packaging technology and packaging trade fair took place. It was a modern platform for discussing innovations in the industry and next steps in its development. Together with our partner, we presented an integrated solution for automated packaging and transportation of goods at this event. Our solution consists in connecting the AMR robot with the packaging machine, which enables efficient and flexible management of processes in warehouses and logistics centers.

At our stand, we demonstrated how the AMR robot can independently bring a pallet with goods to the packaging machine, and then transport the goods to the designated place after the completion of the packaging process. This system is able to adapt to different sizes and shapes of cartons, as well as dynamically respond to changes in the environment. The AMR robot is also equipped with sensors and cameras that ensure its safe and reliable operation.

At the fair, we noticed great interest in our solution from both potential customers and experts in the field of packaging and logistics. We would like to thank all visitors to our booth for their attention and questions. We believe that our solution will bring benefits to many companies in the form of increased productivity, cost savings and better service quality.

If you are interested in more information about our solution, do not hesitate to contact us:

by phone +421 903 707 573
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or via the contact form.

We look forward to further cooperation with you.

Kind regards,

Team iGrow Network


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