Automated logistics, even with stacking

Are you considering logistics automation, but can’t find a suitable solution? Automating all activities within the pallet logistics process is not that easy. There are still many limitations, problems that prevent the simple and economically acceptable deployment of automated logistics. You may have encountered the following situations when considering automating the logistics process:

  • Material pallet laid on the floor – a problem with the use of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
  • Elsewhere, the pallet is placed on the conveyor – the need for accessories for automated loading, unloading or. pallet translation
  • The need to place the pallet on the shelf and on the floor – it seems that this is a task for two different types of AMR
  • Pallet weight with material up to 1500 kg – a light, flexible, simple solution is sought but with strong parameters

The solution to this situation is a specialized AMR solution of the pallet stacker type, which looks e.g. as follows:

AMR pallet stacker allows:

  • Loading, unloading a pallet laid on the floor – thanks to the skis, no additional equipment is required
  • Loading, unloading a pallet from the conveyor – without the need to modify the conveyor, without the need for additional equipment
  • Pallet stacking – even up to 160 cm
  • The ability to bypass obstacles on the track, which significantly increases the efficiency of the AMR solution.

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We also provide:

  • AMR pilot project – testing AGV in the conditions of your company
  • Tailor-made budget quotation processing – assistance in choosing a suitable type of AMR
  • Advice on the financing of the AGV project

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