Extended AMR pilot project

Another AMR pilot project successfully implemented!

The offer to extend the AMR testing of the pilot project did not go unnoticed for long. One of the clients did not hesitate and used the possibility of extending the testing of the AMR pilot project from the standard time to 3 weeks thanks to the use of a discount coupon. The longer duration of the pilot project offered even more space to explore the functions of the AMR robot and the AMR control system, as well as space to test the automation of several logistics processes.

Overcoming new challenges

One of the significant achievements of this AMR pilot project was the area on which it was implemented. The map on which the AMR large robot operated reached an area of more than 9000 m². This expansion gave the AMR robot the opportunity to overcome new challenges and tackle larger tasks in manufacturing and logistics environments.

Greater number of pallet positions

Due to the expanded area and more demanding tasks, the number of loading positions has also increased. The AMR robot was able to automatically ensure the loading and unloading of goods at more than 20 locations. This made it possible to manage the material flow more efficiently and reduce the need for human labor to a greater extent.

Achieving goals and improving

Another improvement that was achieved was the increase in the number of circuits for transporting goods. Instead of the original one circuit for transport, up to 3 logistics circuits were implemented within the AMR pilot project. Faster and more efficient transfers between different locations brought the pilot project closer to real operating conditions.

These improvements and the successes of the AMR pilot project demonstrated the possibilities of modernizing and automating the company’s operations. Their successful implementation opened up new possibilities for the use of this technology in other areas and emphasized the advantages of cooperation with the company in the implementation of innovative solutions.

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