Integration of AMR robots with other systems

AMR robots are designed to be able to replace workers in complex logistics and storage processes, thereby significantly simplifying the entire process. The integration of AMR robots with individual machines, with a warehouse management system (WMS) or an information system (e.g. SAP) can be a key factor in achieving efficiency and productivity.

Integration of AMR robots with WMS (Warehouse Management System) or IS (Information System)

The integration of AMR robots with WMS increases the efficiency and speed of the entire process in the warehouse. The robotic system can obtain data from the WMS, which is necessary for management and planning in the warehouse. It then calculates the optimal routes for transporting goods and follows them exactly. This means that it can automatically monitor the availability of resources and change its route if necessary.

AMR robots are designed to be able to work with various forms of goods storage with a pallet system. They can transport goods from one location to another within the warehouse, also between several warehouses or they ensure transport from the factory to the warehouse and vice versa.

What customers said about AMR robot integration:

“Thanks to the integration with SAP, we can create traffic tasks in the background – we have not added any additional duties to operators and eliminated the possibility of errors and downtime of AMR robots.”

IT specialist

“We invested a lot of time and energy in creating our own warehouse management system. Our warehouse system meets our requirements exactly. Thanks to the flexibility and openness of the AMR control system, we were able to connect these systems and increase productivity several times over in logistics.”

Logistics manager

Integration of AMR robots with individual machines

AMR robots can successfully cooperate with various machines, such as foil wrapping machines, strapping machines, and other machines for wrapping goods. After bringing the pallet to the place (into the working zone of the machine), the machine starts an automatic process (e.g. packaging of goods). After the end of the AMR process, the robot takes the pallet to its destination (e.g. to the specified warehouse position). This system has proven to be very effective in increasing productivity and reducing costs of the logistics system.

In cooperation with our partner company W rent, s.r.o. we created a demonstration of connecting the AMR robot to an automatic strapping machine. We thank everyone who participated in the real presentation in Považská Bystrica.

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