Automated storage of the pallet in the rack

Are you thinking about automating your logistics but are still uncertain and looking for the perfect solution? Automating all activities within the logistics process with pallets is a challenging task. The occurrence of limitations and difficulties that prevent a simple and economically advantageous implementation of automated logistics is still a challenge. But don’t be discouraged.

Improve the logistics process with the AMR robot

The AMR robot (autonomous mobile robot) can reliably handle the entire logistics process from production through the warehouse to the picking area. While many companies struggle with manual handling, manually stacking pallets on shelves, the AMR robot takes control and precisely and reliably stores finished products on pallets up to 4 meters high.

AMR robots have a wide range of uses, so they can help you solve various situations and problems in industrial and logistics environments, e.g.:

  • Automation of stocking and picking of goods, which eliminates the need for manual work
  • Optimizing the use of warehouse space and increasing warehouse capacity
  • Reducing the risk of accidents and collisions
  • Consistent and reliable performance of tasks, thanks to continuous operation with high precision
  • Minimizing pollution and the risk of contamination (in areas where hygiene and cleanliness are important)

Worry-free optimization

You don’t have to worry about complex details, assigning tasks or managing priorities. A control system with a dispatch system takes over this task for you. Your AMR robot will decide on its own the optimal route and task performance so that your operation runs smoothly and without unnecessary complications.

Thanks to advanced SLAM navigation (simultaneous localization and mapping), you don’t even have to bother with additional magnetic tapes. The AMR robot is able to locate itself in space without needing auxiliary navigational means. Thus, it eliminates additional maintenance costs and provides more convenient operation.

Use the opportunity to improve your logistics process and significantly increase the efficiency of your warehouses with AMR robots. Let the robots work for you.

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