The path to efficient automation of logistics

In today’s business environment, every business is trying to find innovative ways to improve their operational processes and increase efficiency. One of the innovative approaches is the automation of logistics using Automated Mobile Robots (AMR). Get to know the progress of one production company in Slovakia, which has successfully implemented AMR logistics robots and is considering further expansion and automation of the following logistics processes.

You can find a lot of information on the Internet and other publicly available sources. However, personal experience is priceless. That is why I recommend that before the actual investment, you implement an AMR pilot project that will allow you to gain real experience with this innovative technology directly in your operating conditions. As a first step, you have to select the location of the pilot project, then you will implement the AMR robot at this location and test its functions in a real logistics environment. This approach will provide you with important information on how AMR technology can be integrated and adapted to the specific needs of your business.

After the successful testing, another important step follows – the purchase of the AMR robot and its implementation in operation (it does not have to be a full-scale implementation, it is enough even within the selected process). The AMR pilot project will help you define expectations, potential benefits of automation. The subsequent implementation of AMR robots serves to confirm the real benefits and build your own competence to operate this technology. Confirmation of the increase in efficiency, accuracy and flexibility of operational processes is a springboard for further expansion – the implementation of automation of other processes.

If you were successful in automating selected logistics processes, you can focus on other logistics processes or to the following processes. For example, if you have successfully mastered the automation of the transport of finished products to the warehouse, you can focus on the automated delivery of input materials (parts) to production or to automate storage (storage of pallets on shelves in the warehouse). Current AMR technologies allow storage up to a height of several meters. Storage up to a height of 10 meters can be a challenge. Solving this challenge represents a new stage on the way to full automation of warehouse operations.

“Use a systematic approach – from testing, through implementation and subsequent expansion. Successfully mastering one phase, such as testing and purchasing an AMR robot opens the door for further innovation and technology expansion in logistics.”

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