Autonomous logistics system with AMR robots

In today’s world of rapid technological advances and the growing need to optimize business processes, automation plays a key role in the transformation of logistics systems. It was in this effort to improve efficiency and improve operations that the project of installing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) was implemented.

Harmony between technology and the human hand

Our company faced the challenge of creating a logistics system that would work autonomously, but would still be under the control of operators. The fundamental difference of this project was the possibility that the line operators could specify what tasks the AMR robots should perform. From transporting goods to managing waste – operators had decision-making powers over robots. The result was the delivery of a fully autonomous and independent solution, where even in the event of an information system failure, the operation of the line would continue without problems.

Prior to the project, the company had a problem with operators worrying that authorized workers might not complete the task when called upon. However, AMR robots have brought certainty – when you give a task to a robot, it is almost guaranteed to complete it. This certainty improved the comfort of the workers and moved them to a more comfortable working environment.

The project consisted of four main parts:

  1. Installation of AMR robots: At the beginning, the connection of the robot to the network was secured, the working environment was explored and mapped, and optimal routes for the robots were created.
  2. Testing AMR robots: With already prepared routes, the behavior of the AMR robots was tested on different sections, speed, navigation and behavior in turns were fine-tuned.
  3. Commissioning: After successful testing, the robots were involved in real operation, autonomously and efficiently performing assigned tasks in logistics areas.
  4. Interactive summoning: In order for the robots to be deployed effectively, a summoning system was implemented. The operator could assign a task to the robot with a simple touch on the tablet, ensuring efficient control.

The overall result of the project brought with it a significant benefit in the form of increased efficiency, reduction of errors and optimization of the flow of goods. By installing AMR robots, we enabled more efficient logistics management and achieved higher process reliability. This project is an example of how modern technology can transform traditional operations into a more efficient and flexible system with control in the hands of operators.

Are you so interested in the project and its progress that you would like to try the project itself in your operation? In that case, you can contact us for more information:


We bring to your attention the possibility of obtaining a 3-WEEKS coupon for an extended AMR pilot project from the standard period to 3 weeks. The longer duration of the pilot project will offer you even more space to explore the functions of the AMR robot and the AMR control system, as well as space to test the automation of several logistics processes. The coupon is completely free and can be used at any time until the end of 2023.

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