Automated logistics process – implementation

Gain confidence and practical experience in introducing new technologies into business processes. Participate in training at a manufacturing company and gain personal experience with the implementation of an automated logistics system with AMR robots. This training will allow you to get to know the advantages, procedures and best practices of this technology, you will get not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.

In view of the expressed interest and positive evaluation from the previous training (Automated logistics process – preparation and design), we decided in cooperation with the Slovak Productivity Center to continue (extend) the training under the name Automated logistics process – implementation. We thank our partners for their approach, provision of premises and facilities that allowed us to carry out this practical training again.

At the training, we welcomed representatives of companies from various branches of industry, which enabled us to gain a comprehensive view of the use of automated logistics systems in various industrial sectors. We have personally confirmed that the possibilities and benefits of automation in logistics can be applied in several industries and provide potential for improving the efficiency and productivity of businesses.

What do logistics managers want?

Logistics managers often see, sense, what would help the logistics system in their plant. Sometimes, however, a certain insecurity lurks in them and they are afraid to assert their proposals more boldly. What they struggle with and what would help them improve their self-esteem:

  • A visual representation of the operation of AMR robots
  • Participation in solving tasks and real implementation
  • Demonstrations and real simulation of the automated process in practice
  • Certainty, experience that AMR will increase efficiency and productivity in logistics processes
  • Experience that AMR helps in cost optimization
  • Improving the working conditions of employees
  • Strengthening the competitiveness and overall performance of the company

The Automated Logistics Process – Implementation training is aimed precisely at fulfilling the above-mentioned expectations.

Discover the guaranteed path to success

The entire training in the company was mainly in the form of acquiring practical skills and, of course, knowledge in the field of implementing automated logistics processes. During the training day, the participants gradually got to know the AMR robots in a specific operation. They got to know the way of operation and gained personal experience with the functioning of AMR in the company. They tried the opportunity to test the technology in the form of planning and management of logistics tasks, as well as the real creation of new routes and unloading/loading points.
The conclusion of the training belonged to the participants and their questions or comments regarding any ambiguities. The participants bombarded the lecturers with a huge number of questions, which eventually led to a relatively extensive passionate discussion.

What the experts said about the training

The participants appreciated that they could be involved in practical solutions, which gave them practical experience and a better understanding of the implementation of an automated logistics process. They also highlighted the expert approach of the lecturers who provided relevant information and answered their questions with thorough understanding. The graphical interface of the software used to create maps and define routes also received positive reviews for its simplicity and clarity. Overall, the participants were satisfied with the training and appreciated its practical nature and the quality of the tools and knowledge provided.

Are you interested in this training? Would you like to take it? Would you like such training to be implemented in the conditions of your company? Or are you interested in such a form of education but on a different topic?

Please contact us and together we will try to find a solution to your situation.

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