Logistics process automation – how to do it?

Ensuring reliable logistics processesand efficient operation of internal logistics is becoming more and more demanding.

  • Lack of staffwilling to work in the field of logistics,
  • Constantly rising logistics costs,
  • Debatable reliability of logistics staff,
  • Etc.

The starting point for this situation may be the automation of the logistics process. An effective automation solution is AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) resp. automatically controlled trucks. If you are considering automating the process with AGV, it is good to have some idea of the future logistics system. When processing the logistics vision, you will also face the following questions or. tasks:

  • Analysis resp. segmentation of goods,
  • Logistics process design,
  • Defining supply circuits,
  • Selection of suitable AGV types,
  • Visualization of the future logistics system.

Processing the vision of the future automated logistics system is not quite easy. We offer you the opportunity to use our experience and tools, which we use to design a vision of automated logistics processes.

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