Increasing productivity in logistics using AMR robots

In the era of rapid automation and technological innovation, traditional ways of operating warehouses and production halls are becoming a thing of the past. Classic carts, which were associated with manual work for many years, are now being replaced by modern Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

Classic human-operated trucks have long been considered essential, but current market demands reveal their shortcomings, such as more frequent worker fatigue, lengthy transport times and increased error rates, and last but not least, the lack of manpower. Research shows that manual trucks lead to significantly lower efficiency, resulting in increased costs and slow work pace.

The entry of Autonomous Mobile Robots into operations brings a revolution in the movement of material. AMRs are equipped with advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and efficient navigation systems, allowing them to move quickly and precisely in the warehouse or production hall. The result? Increasing efficiency and minimizing errors to a minimum.

Discovered benefits of AMR for the potential customer:

  • Quick return on investment, less than 2 years
    (if logistics processes are optimized and waste in logistics processes is eliminated)
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Simple and fast integration
  • Easy scalability
  • Increased safety of people
  • Improved tracking of parts in production
  • Simple modification according to customer needs
  • An important part of manufacturing the future

Studies show that operating a warehouse with AMR can reduce shipping times would be 30% to 50%, thereby increasing overall productivity. In addition, AMRs can work continuously, without the need for breaks, thus minimizing downtime.

In the area of ​​safety, AMRs have something to brag about as well. With integrated safety systems that detect and respond to obstacles, AMRs minimize the risk of accidents and worker injuries.

While manual trucks with their limitations and inefficiencies seem rather outdated, AMR robots are becoming a key player in the current automated era. The advantage of AMRs is not only in their ability to improve performance, but also in the fact that they represent an innovative step forward into the era of automation and technological efficiency.

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