From pilot project to AMR implementation

AMR robots (autonomous mobile robots) are a suitable technical solution for the automation of logistics processes. AMR devices are increasingly available for smaller companies. However, they still represent investments from which you expect a certain return. The return will ensure the necessary performance, reliability and efficiency of the solution. Despite the fact that you design a new logistics process in detail, or check it with a computer simulation, there is still some uncertainty as to whether your expectations will be met.

Benefits of the AMR pilot project

A good way to confirm that your new system with AMR robots will work as you expect is a “sharp test” – the AMR pilot project. Thanks to the AMR pilot project, you will confirm that:

  • AMR robots can navigate in your operating conditions
  • AMR robots can follow your planned routes – even narrow streets
  • AMR robots can bypass obstacles – they can handle even non-standard conditions
  • The AMR robot can also handle some inaccuracy of the pallet position during loading
  • Your employees can accept new technology – AMR robots
  • he safety of AMR robots meets your requirements
  • AMR robots achieve the performance and efficiency you require
  • The AMR management system is user-oriented and will allow you to easily develop new competencies
  • You can confirm the parameters of the AMR robot and define the necessary additional equipment

The AMR pilot project is a good preparation for the permanent deployment of AMR robots in your operation. It is said that good luck to those who are ready. However, luck will not be enough for you. You need to be as confident as possible that your expectations will be met. The AMR pilot project can help you a lot.

Experience with the implementation of AMR robots

What did those who first implemented the AMR pilot project say, based on this experience, designed automated logistics processes and implemented AMR robots? Here are the most important values that investors have noted:

  • The AMR dispatching system was implemented ahead of time, which significantly shortened the actual installation of the AMR robots.
  • The AMR dispatching system was integrated with the company’s information system and tested even before the robots were installed.
  • Taking into account the findings during the AMR pilot project, the AMR robots were equipped with a navigation tower, which significantly improved the reliability of navigation.
  • Thanks to the additional equipment of AMR robots, the reliability of automatic loading has been significantly improved even with inaccurately placed pallets at the loading points.
  • The safety of AMR robots has been improved with a directional arrow displayed on the floor in front of the robot.
  • The implementation of AMR robots itself went smoothly, quickly and without unforeseen delays.

AMR implementation – fast and easy

After clicking on the video, you will see a video recording of the implementation of AMR technology in the conditions of industrial practice.

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